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    1. All houses within 100 metres of the seasare at risk of flooding.

    A. out of control B. betweenequals C. in particular D. in danger

    2. We are worried about this fluid situation full with uncertainty.

    A. changeable B. stable C. suitable D. adaptable

    3. You'll have to sprint if you wantto catch the train.

    A. jump B. escape C. prepare D. run

    4. The course gives you basic instructionin car maintenance.

    A. idea B. term C. coaching D.aspect

    5. Stock market price tumbled afterrumor of a rise in interest rate.

    A. regulated B. fell C. increased D. maintained

    6. The coastal has area has very mild winter, but the central plains remain extremely cold.

    A. warm B. severe C. hard D. dry

    7. The idea was quite brilliant.

    A. positive B.clever C. key D. original

    8. The new garment fits herperfectly.

    A. haircut B. purse C. necklace D.clothes

    9. Her overall language proficiency remainsthat of a toddler.

    A. disabled B.baby C. pupil D.teenager

    10. The details of the costume were totall yauthentic.

    A. outstanding B.creative C. real D. false

    11. Jensen is a dangerous man, and can bevery brutal.

    A. careless B.strong C. cruel D. hard

    12. We are aware of the potential problems.

    A. possible B. global C. ongoing D.central

    13. The phobia may have its root in achildhood trauma.

    A. fear B. joy C.hurt D. memory

    14. They have built canals to irrigate the desert.

    A. decorate B.water C. change D. visit

    15. The revelation of his past ledto his resignation.

    A. imagination B.confirmation C.disclosure D. recall


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