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    发布日期:2017-10-04 来源:会计考试网




    Scientists Develop Ways of Detecting Heart Attack【科学家探索发现心脏病的方法】

    German researchers have __ 1 __ a new generation of defibrillators and early-warning software aimed at offering heart patients greater protection __ 2 __ sudden death from cardiac arrest.

    In Germany alone around 100,000 people die annually as a result of cardiac arrest and many of these cases __ 3 __ by disruption to the heart’s rhythm. Those most at risk are patients who have __ 4 __ suffered a heart attack, and for years the use of defibrillators has proved useful in diagnosing __ 5 __ disruption to heart rhythms and correcting them automatically by intervening within seconds. These devices __ 6__ a range of functions, such as that of pacemaker.

    Heart specialists at Freiburg’s University Clinic have now achieved a breakthrough with an implanted defibrillator __ 7 __ of generating a six-channel electrocardiogram (ECG. within the body. This integrated system allows early diagnosis of __ 8__ blood-flow problems and a pending heart attack. It will be implanted in patients for the first time this year. Meanwhile, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Mathematics in Kaiserslautern have developed new computer software that renders of ECG data __ 9 __ .

    The overwhelming __ 10 __ of patients at risk will not have an implanted defibrillator and must for this reason undergo regular ECGs. “Many of the current programs only __ 11__ into account a linear correlation of the data. We are, however, making use __ 12__ a non-linear process that reveals the chaotic patterns of heart beats as an open and complex system,” Hagen Knaf says, “__ 13 __ changes in the heart beats over time can be monitored and individual variations in patients taken into account.” An old study of ECG data, based __ 14__ 600 patients who had suffered a subsequent heart attack, enabled the researchers to compare risks and to show __ 15 __ the new software evaluates the data considerably better.

    1.A come up B come up with C come up to D come up against

    2.A to B for C with D from

    3.A are caused B caused C are to cause D have been causing

    4.A easily B readily C frequently D already

    5.A disease-producing B health-improving C life-threatening D error-correcting

    6.A take in B take after C take on D take from

    7.A capable B able C skillful D skilled

    8.A chronic B acute C recurrent D persistent

    9.A precisely B more precisely C precision D more precise

    10.A maximum B minimum C majority D minority

    11.A get B take C bring D fetch

    2.A of B with C for D in

    13.A Similarly B In this manner C Otherwise D In this way

    14.A in B for C upon D with

    15.A what B where C that D when


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